MITx launches Education Technology course series

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Still image from video demo of an electronic circuit building tool.We must be in a Golden Age of Educational Technology. Teachers can use any of a number of platforms to make learning materials available online, posting videos and animations as well as images and text. Rather than sit back and passively absorb (or just as often, not absorb) information, students can use technology to become active participants in their own education. They can learn by doing. They can attempt interactive problems that offer immediate feedback to see if they are on the right track. They can exchange ideas with each other on discussion forums. They can work on projects in teams that they join online.

It’s amazing and wonderful … and overwhelming. What defines good design of educational technology?  What are the ideas, processes and teams that can be harnessed to create powerful new learning technologies? And how do we create an ecosystem of designers, developers, and educators who can create and…

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